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HI-EMT MAGSHAPE is the only non-invasive device worldwide that increases muscle mass and reduces fat at the same time. It is the most modern and revolutionary method in the field of technology that achieves body contouring – “Body Shaping” – without a scalpel.

Buttocks tightening and lifting, Buttocks tightening and lifting, Effective fat reduction in the abdominal area, Tightening in the arms, calves, thighs, Aerobic – anaerobic exercise, Aerobic – anaerobic exercise


Visible and measurable results in the reduction of abdominal fat, in muscle toning and in the lifting of buttocks, arms. It is officially considered the only non-invasive technology in the world that achieves buttock lift and is approved for this.

16% Average muscle mass increase – 19% Average fat reduction.


HI-EMT MAGSHAPE is based on HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused EctroMagnetic field technology) and acts on the motor neurons of the muscles. Focused energy produces 30,000-50,000 involuntary strong muscle contractions in the 30 minutes of the session. These contractions are much stronger than those caused by exercise or movement.

HIFEM acts on the motor neurons of the muscles by inducing involuntary hyper-maximal whole muscle contractions at such a frequency that does not allow the muscle fibres to relax between the two passive stimuli. Excessive contractions cause an increase in muscle mass, which increases volumetrically (hypertrophy), with an accompanying increase in muscle fibres (hyperplasia). As far as the mechanism of lipolysis is concerned, strong contractions need energy, which they save by catabolising triglycerides into free fatty acids. The shed fat cells are broken down and shed naturally over the course of a few weeks. Therefore, metabolism is increased.


It is the only technology in the world that targets muscle and fat at the same time, i.e. it increases muscle mass and reduces fat.
The devices used so far (cryolipolysis, radiofrequencies, focused ultrasound, lasers, etc.) target the skin for tightening and adipose tissue for lipolysis. Some newer microcurrent muscle training devices perform poorly compared to the EMSCULPT, especially in the more superficial layers of muscle groups.

duration of treatment

It lasts 30 minutes and requires a total of 4-8 sessions every 2 to 3 days for the result to be visible or until the desired result is achieved. Ideally if we combine some diet and some aerobic exercise the results are amazing.

It is for everyone

It is suitable for all ages, men and women. It also concerns women in menopause and postpartum (mommy makeover).

*Contraindications: Pacemaker Defibrillator ,Pulmonary insufficiency ,Metal implants in certain parts of the body ,Recent malignancy, Recent surgery, Pregnancy Epilepsy.